In-Clinic Pharmacy

In-Clinic Pharmacy at Little Animal Hospital

At Little Animal Hospital, we offer a full range of veterinary services for pets in and around the Longview area. We are committed to providing the highest quality veterinary services to our patients. We offer both treatment and preventive care at our facility. Our services include dentistry, microchipping, surgery, ultrasound, and more. We also provide patients with our pharmacy care in our hospital. Our full-service pharmacy can fill your scripts on the same premises as the animal hospital and have them ready the same day in many instances. We also offer ship-to-home options for many of our pharmacy products when you use our online pharmacy option. 

What Our Pharmacy Offers

At our Longview pharmacy, you will have access to a variety of quality foods and treats to please your pet's palate. Along with good food, we also carry vitamins and nutritional supplements to support your pet's system from newborns to seniors. We also carry an assortment of flea and tick products for canines and felines, as well as heartworm preventative medication. When it's time to give your pet a bath, our pharmacy stocks a line of medicated shampoos as well as conditioners to keep your pet smelling fresh and their coats healthy.

How Our Pharmacy Can Help

Our veterinarians can prescribe a medication for your pet. The medication for a pet can be specialized and difficult to find from regular pharmacies. The advantage of having an in-clinic pharmacy is that our pharmacy specialists are incredibly familiar with all types of medications prescribed by our veterinarians. We will make sure your pet is given the right kind of medication and answer any questions you might have about the medicine.

Our pharmacy specialist can also provide medication compounding services, guidance, and advice on dosage for your pet. Certain medications can have side effects. Our pharmacy specialist can guide you about these side effects. At Little Animal Hospital, we follow strict regulatory requirements and guidelines for pharmacy-related services. We also make sure all the safety protocols are in place for accurate compounding and dosage of the medicine.

Contact Us for Pet Care from Our Veterinarians in Longview, TX

To schedule an appointment with us at Little Animal Hospital, you can give us a call or reach us through our website. For more information about our facility's services, you can visit the Services section on our website. We are committed to providing your pet the care they need for a happy and healthy life. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your pet. 

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