Dr. Kappus offers surgical services in areas such as soft tissue and ophthalmology as well as elective procedures including spays, and neuters. For any orthopedic procedures, we have an area veterinarian that comes to the office to expertly repair what is broken. All surgical patients receive pain control medication before, during and after the procedure as indicated. While your pet is under anesthesia, there is a trained technician monitoring pulse, respiration and anesthesia levels. We also utilize monitoring equipment to observe the patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, temperature, blood pressure, CO2 levels and ECG when needed. Presurgical bloodwork is performed before any anesthetic procedure.

Pre-Surgical Instructions

- The night before surgery pull up the food around bedtime, water is ok all night. 

- Bring in between 7:30a - 8:00a to drop off for Surgery 

- Most procedures including dental cleanings are released that afternoon after 4-4:30pm unless discussed otherwise. Other procedures we like to keep patients overnight for recovery.

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