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Dr. Elizabeth Kappus

I don’t normally write reviews, but I thought it was time to do this one. We moved to Longview in 2004. We knew nothing about the area. After doing research we chose to take our cats to Dr.Little. 

We made the right decision. 

Dr. Little & staff have always been very kind, patient, knowledgeable & compassionate with all of our fur babies. She always takes her time with you. You never feel rushed. She is very engaged with your fur babies. She spends time and gets to know them and their personalities. I have tons of stories I could share, but this one is definitely the biggest and most touching. We lost a our 4 year old cat Mango in June 2015. Dr.Little did absolutely everything possible. He was diagnosed with a feline disease there is no cure for. 


It was a hard diagnosis for her to make, and she did everything to rule it out knowing all our animals history. Knowing Mango since his birth. 

Mango was an indoor cat & was 4 years old. He was healthy, well cared for, current on all of his shots and so were all the animals around him. 

He never went outdoors and there was no reason why he should have come down with a deadly virus. Especially one that normally comes on before 2 years of age. She tested him for everything else trying to rule it out. She was not trying to run up a crazy bill. I asked her to spare no cost if there were a chance to save him. It was obvious he was quite sick and it literally all happened within days. He went from fine to dead in less than 5 days. 

She kept him in the hospital, fed him through an IV, and personally tried to force feed him with a dropper. She did everything possible to care for him. I know she gave him the same care/love she would have given her own cat. When she told me there was nothing more to be done, she went outside and cried with me over my loss. She spent a great deal of time educating me on the disease. 

6 weeks later we received a certificate in the mail from a non profit feline foundation that is doing research looking for a cure or a vaccine for FIP. 

The certificate stated a donation had been made to the foundation from Little Animal Hospital and Dr. Susan Little in the memory of 

There is still no cure for this disease. 

We now have 3 cats & 1 dog. 
We always feel like they are getting the absolute best care with anyone who treats them or comes in contact with them at Little Animal Hospital. 

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write this review!!

The loss of Mango is still heartbreaking. I know Dr.Little made him as comfortable as possible in the end. 

Thank you Dr.Little & staff for always treating all of our fur babies like they were your own!!

You will be a hard act to follow!!

Dellynda K.

Dr Little is an Exceptional Doctor!!

Weve been going to Little Animal Hospital since we moved to Longview over 12 years ago. 
Dr. Little has taken care of 7 cats during this time and now a dog. We couldn’t ask for a more compassionate, knowledgeable, kind & patient doctor. 

Everyone we ever came into contact with who works there has always been great. 

I understand their is a new doctor there, we have not met her yet. We did receive a letter telling us she was coming to the practice. I’m sure if Dr. Little added her to Little Animal Hospital she must be good. Personally my wife and I are going to find it difficult to move onto using a new doctor, but we understand Dr. Little is ready to slow down some. If the new Doctor is half as good as Dr. Susan Little than everybody should be just fine. Mighty BIG shoes to fill, even though Doc is a tiny thing, she’s BIG hearted!!
You can’t go wrong at Little Animal Hospital!!!

David N.

Dr. Little and her staff have been nothing short of incredible for our babies. After moving back to Longview, we entrusted care of our little ones to the staff at Little Animal Hospital and have always been met with patience and genuine care by every staff member. Truly a home away from home for our babies.

Cliffton W.

This week I took our cat, who was decidedly averse to our former vet and his facility, to see Dr. Kappas at Little Animal Hospital. The ladies who took care of her, including Tiffany, Stephanie and, of course, Dr. Kappas, were wonderful with her. Their voices were soft, and they were so gentle, taking time to allow her to adjust to the environment and them and giving her treats. Rather than dragging her out of her carrier, they took the top off of it and let her remain there for her exam. By the end of the visit, she was actually purring while they worked on her. Dr. Kappas was very thorough, explaining to me what changes we need to make with Chloe and why. I'm so grateful for their thoughtful care and am glad to have found them.

Kathie S.R.

We just moved to Longview, was looking for a new vet after some tumors showed up on my dog's belly. They got her into surgery very quickly and did an amazing job... My dog was actually doing too well because after a day she was already running all over the place! This was an intense surgery and everything came out better than fine. Very happy we found Dr. Little :-)

Hollie P.


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